Das offizielle Titelbild von Asgerot Incelsior.

Carpe D. I. E. M.

Das offizielle Logo von Asgerot Incelsior.

Asgerot Incelsior is a German Dark Instrumental Electronic Music project, founded in 2014, and uses all musical freedoms, instead to squeeze into the corset of a single musical style.

It combines different types of music in itself, e.g. melancholic quiet sounds as well as hard and danceable beats.

NO vocals, ONLY music! :-)

Song of the Month

Asgerot Incelsior - Journey To The Moon (V2.0)

Taken from Album: M M X I V - Reworked And Remastered (2016)

Asgerot Incelsior for Kids 2017

In 2015, I decided to produce music not for fame and money but to do something social.

So I begun to donate a part of my musical income to a German hospice for children.

In 2016, it was an amount of 140 €. How much will it be in 2017?

Stream my albums

Streaming is an alternative for downloading my albums.

Use it or download my albums free of charge (see next paragraph)

Download my albums free of charge

You like my music?
Please share only the whole zip file with other persons.

You are a DJ?
Play my music in clubs or at the radio without any licence fee.

You are a Remixer?
Remix all tracks you like but send me your final mixdown.

You want to use a song in your films, trailers or videos?
Do it, but publish my name (and website if possible) in your final credits and send me your final work.

You can do whatever you want but if you plan to make money with my music you should speak with me before you start with your (non-) commercial project and ask for my permission.

Thank you!

My Studio Gear



Asgerot Incelsior for Kids 2017 (JAN)
25 €

Asgerot Incelsior for Kids 2016: 140 €

Asgerot Incelsior for Kids 2015: 30 €